Mehrdad Shamloo, PhD

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In 2008, Dr. Shamloo joined Stanford University and established the Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience core laboratory as well as his own research laboratory focused on the understanding of normal and pathological brain functions in disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and autism. Currently, Dr. Shamloo’s efforts and research are directed towards the neurodegenerative pathways responsible for selective neuronal vulnerability of sensitive brain nuclei in degenerative disorders. Through these investigations, the aim is to understand the processes leading to the functional and behavioral malfunction in these neurological disorders, and to subsequently develop novel therapeutics to treat them. Dr. Shamloo seeks to accelerate the translation of experimental discoveries into novel therapeutic approaches and improve the quality of life for patients with brain disorders. Previously, Dr. Shamloo held positions at various biopharmaceutical companies with extensive focus on CNS drug discovery and preclinical development, including AGY Therapeutics and Affymax.

Dr. Shamloo received his doctoral degree from the Wallenberg Neuroscience Center of Lund University in Sweden.